Heute, Mo. 18.06.2012 // 20.00 Uhr: Andandand // 1000 Gründe gegen Militarismus

Kassel – common ground = art… and war industry?

Kassel is famous for its baby – the documenta. Every five years it shares workshops, art installations and much more under this brand, inviting people from all over the world. Besides this, Kassel also houses world-famous arms producers. . The companies Krauss Maffei Wegmann (KMW) Rheinmetall and MAN produce tanks and other military vehicles with sounding names like “Leopard”, “Puma”, or “Boxer”. That´s one of the most important industries in the city. Together with hotspots in some other cities like Bremen or Munich, the arms industry in Kassel makes Germany the third biggest producer of weapons, tanks and other machinery of war. Nobody really likes to talk about it, but at the same time military equipment is a normal and profitable business. Arms producing firms “are bringing jobs to the region”, an argument which is not only used by the administration of the shiny documenta town. “If we are not doing it, other people/firms would do it” and “eventually there are just wars and humanitarian interventions for which we need to be armed”- these are some of the arguments you will immediately be confronted with if you start criticizing the business with death. But what´s the common ground we all can live on and aren‘t there still a thousand good reasons for not loving militarism – shouldn‘t we struggle to replace it?

Andandand // 1000 Gründe gegen Militarismus // Open Space // Mo. 18.06.2012 // 20.00 Uhr // Turnhalle der Nachrichtenmeisterei
Andandand // 1000 reasons against militarism // Open Space // Mo. 18.06.2012 // 8 p.m. // Turnhalle der Nachrichtenmeisterei

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  1. 1 Matze Schmidt 18. Juni 2012 um 17:11 Uhr

    The local armaments industry uses in fine tradition names of predators with pleasure. Can one put in question this kind of aesthetics? In a „Night of Bombing“ in 1943 the Armament City of Kassel and exceedingly the inner city (there nearly up to 97% demolition) became almost Ground Zero. Does Kassel have the „Hiroschima Bank“ at the river Fulda due to this fact or because of a strategy of distraction? With „War in June“ the POT in the Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 27 in Kassel assembles aspects of militarisation. http://pot.top-ev.de/krieg-im-juni-war-in-june

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